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Getting Faster for Good - LaRue's Crew is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to give back to the most underprivileged communities in Los Angeles.

About us

LaRue’s Crew is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to give back to the most underprivileged communities in Los Angeles. We have partnered with Los Angeles High School, a public high school where about two-thirds of the students are eligible for the Federal Title I Program. This program was originally passed during a “War on Poverty” campaign, which focused on increased funding to schools with large, impoverished student populations, which makes the Cross Country and Track and Field teams of this school a perfect candidate for the sponsorship of LaRue’s Crew.

Our Mission - Getting Faster for Good

The goal of LaRue's Crew is to inspire underprivileged athletes and encourage them through their difficulties to show that they’ve got the potential to do big things. Through mentorship and athletic support to these impoverished communities, we hope to show these kids that people do care about them and that they matter. The goal setting and continual relationship with athletics allows a platform to mentor these athletes on real world scenarios that will help them plan for what comes after High School.

Our Team

Aaron LaRue

President and Director

Paul Porter

Secretary and Director

Rob Musci

Treasurer and Director

My Coaching Style

The vast majority of runners face injuries every year. Most people accept that as a part of running, but I refuse to believe it has to be. My adaptive coaching style decreases the risk of injury during heavy training weeks. Through a focus on the big picture, which includes Nutrition, Sleep, Recovery, Appropriate Goal Setting, and Mindset, my athletes improve substantially while staying injury free. My objective in coaching is stacking injury free training cycles together to maximize the amount of improvement and performance you can get out of your body over time. Doing this as well as optimizing all variables that are within our control leading up to race day results in racing to your potential when your big race comes.

100% of coaching proceeds go towards the mission of LaRue's Crew.  If you are interested in a training plan, please email LaRuesCrew@gmail.com for more information on how you can get faster for a good cause!


Recent races Pre LaRue’s Crew:

  • 2016 LA Marathon – 3:42:47
  • 2017 LA Marathon – Injured
  • 2018 LA Marathon – 3:48:30
  • 2018 Long Beach Marathon – 3:54:58

Post LaRue’s Crew – Injury Free!!

  • 2019 Pasadena Half Marathon – 1:37:06
  • 2019 LA Marathon – 3:23:37
  • 2019 CIM – 3:14:49
  • 2020 Pasadena Half Marathon – 1:31:27

Recent Races Pre LaRue’s Crew

2017 LA Marathon – 3:28:40

2018 LA Marathon – 3:35:16

2018 Rock n Roll SD Marathon – 3:36:22

Post LaRue’s Crew –

2019 Pasadena Half Marathon – 1:23:22

2019 LA Marathon – 3:01:26

Race times



  • 2017: 3:54:02
  • 2018: 3:18:04, 3:14:36
  • 2019: 2:57:08

Half Marathon:

  • 2017: 1:35:34
  • 2018: 1:31:26, 1:26:24
  • 2019: 1:23:52
  • 2020: 1:21:24


  • 2017: 44:34
  • 2018: 39:41, 39:02, 38:10


LaRue’s Crew will be offering a scholarship in the amount of $1000 for a current Track and Field Student Athlete at the collegiate level.

About us

LaRue’s Crew is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to give back to the most underprivileged communities in Los Angeles.

Contact us

  • LaRuesCrew@gmail.com

Paul Porter

“Before joining LaRue’s Crew, I felt like I was hitting a plateau. Being in my late 40s, I thought that my age may have been the limiting factor and a contributor to my seemingly perpetual state of injury. Coach LaRue focused on changing my mindset on everyday runs and shifted my focus to running MUCH easier on easy days so that I could work MUCH harder on hard days. His emphasis was staying injury free through his adaptive training plan. I was always out to impress myself on speed days only to let myself down on race day. Coach LaRue completely changed my mindset.  Now my training has shifted to really surprising and impressing myself on race day as opposed to being a speed day hero. Thanks to his coaching, I was able to really push the limits on how much progress I could make in a single training cycle while knowing that he was doing everything in his power to keep me from getting injured or overtrained. The result was not only me running over 30 minutes faster in the marathon than 5 months prior, but me feeling faster and stronger as a runner and enjoying the process more than ever!!”

Bryce Tappan

“I was training inconsistently and every run ended up being at marathon pace or faster before training with LaRue’s Crew. Coach really taught me a lot about the science behind training. I learned so much about the sometimes counterintuitive aspects of marathon specific training and nutrition! Being a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Southern California has made me incredibly busy with long days and late nights in the lab. Coach LaRue was able to work with my schedule to find time around my studies in order to get consistent training in. One trick was as simple as running to and from campus on easy days to add weekly mileage without adding time to my day. These miles really add up! Being pretty quick at shorter distances led me to the goal of going Sub-3 in the marathon. All of my previous Sub-3 attempts resulted in me hitting the wall HARD and being disappointed with my race result. My most recent marathon Sub-3 attempt fell short, but resulted in a HUGE PR. Despite pushing through incredible pain from a Calf Cramp that came on at the halfway mark, I ran a 3:01, narrowly missing Sub-3, but I ran 35 minutes faster than my last marathon! I know that my fitness and abilities as a runner are moving in the right direction with Coach LaRue. Being so fast in college made it very hard for me to slow down on easy days, so Coach LaRue specially crafted workouts so that I could release my inner speedster from time to time and continue to enjoy the grueling volume unique to marathon training. This guy will make you faster!!”

Aaron LaRue​

“When I trained for my first marathon, I trained in a way that I imagine is a pretty normal approach most runners take.  I picked a training plan and ran most of my miles close to what I thought goal marathon pace would be. Arbitrarily choosing 3:30 as my marathon goal, I hit the wall in a very real way around mile 18, resulting in a miserable final 8 miles and a time way slower than I thought I was capable of. Sounds familiar, right? This experience made me want to learn more about getting faster in all road racing distances. I was most interested in improving my time in the marathon with the seemingly impossible 5 year goal of a Sub-3 marathon. My undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University in Health and Exercise Science combined with my experience as a health and fitness coach naturally led me to want to share the knowledge I’ve gained over the years with others through coaching. Working as a member of the cardiac surgery team and having a Masters in Cardiovascular Science has afforded me the unique ability to interpret current scientific research on proper marathon training, nutrition, and recovery as well as an intimate understanding of the physiologic adaptations that occur with proper training. Being injury prone as a high jumper in college was a real challenge as I first embarked on this journey as a runner. My research and experience has led to an adaptive approach to marathon training. Not only has this approach resulted in 4 marathon cycles with increasing volume without injury, but I smashed my 5 year goal of Sub-3 in only 2 years!!  I practice what I preach and my improvement and the improvements of my athletes serve as evidence of this method working cycle after cycle.  I’m very excited to have the opportunity to share my approach with others!”