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Athlete Spotlight – Nicole Spaulding at the 2019 Chicago Marathon



Proud can’t even begin to describe the feelings I have when I think of how hard Nicole worked leading up to the 2019 Chicago marathon.  Like most of my athletes, Nicole approached me after a devastating injury led her sidelined.  Nicole felt like the fitness lost during this recovery would be very hard to get back without risking another injury and she had heard about my approach to injury prevention and performance improvement.  After a short, marathon specific cycle, Nicole was able to stay injury free, get stronger and more confident as a runner, and finish the Chicago Marathon in a super fast 3:19:34!  This was a BQ of over 15 minutes and a PR of over 16 minutes!  Prior to working with me, Nicole had a really tough day at a half marathon.  At the Chicago Marathon, she was able to run both halves of the marathon faster than the super recent half marathon she had just done!

With a focus on injury prevention, proper training, and controlling a few key elements of racing well, Nicole was able to run strong until the very finish of the Marathon.  She kept expecting the WALL to come, but it never did!  I am beyond excited about what will come next for her after just a few more cycles working together!  You are truly LIMITLESS!

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