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Testimonial – Aaron LaRue

Race times


2017: 3:54:02

2018: 3:18:04, 3:14:36

2019: 2:57:08

Half Marathon:

2017: 1:35:34

2018: 1:31:26, 1:26:24

2019: 1:23:52

2020: 1:21:24


2017: 44:34

2018: 39:41, 39:02, 38:10

My Story:

“When I trained for my first marathon, I trained in a way that I imagine is a pretty normal approach most runners take.  I picked a training plan and ran most of my miles close to what I thought goal marathon pace would be. Arbitrarily choosing 3:30 as my marathon goal, I hit the wall in a very real way around mile 18, resulting in a miserable final 8 miles and a time way slower than I thought I was capable of. Sounds familiar, right? This experience made me want to learn more about getting faster in all road racing distances. I was most interested in improving my time in the marathon with the seemingly impossible 5 year goal of a Sub-3 marathon. My undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University in Health and Exercise Science combined with my experience as a health and fitness coach naturally led me to want to share the knowledge I’ve gained over the years with others through coaching. Working as a member of the cardiac surgery team and having a Masters in Cardiovascular Science has afforded me the unique ability to interpret current scientific research on proper marathon training, nutrition, and recovery as well as an intimate understanding of the physiologic adaptations that occur with proper training. Being injury prone as a high jumper in college was a real challenge as I first embarked on this journey as a runner. My research and experience has led to an adaptive approach to marathon training. Not only has this approach resulted in 4 marathon cycles with increasing volume without injury, but I smashed my 5 year goal of Sub-3 in only 2 years!!  I practice what I preach and my improvement and the improvements of my athletes serve as evidence of this method working cycle after cycle. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to share my approach with others!”

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