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Testimonial – Bryce Tappan

Recent Races Pre LaRue’s Crew:

2017 LA Marathon – 3:28:40

2018 LA Marathon – 3:35:16

2018 RnR SD Marathon – 3:36:22

Post LaRue’s Crew: 

2019 Pasadena Half Marathon – 1:23:22

2019 LA Marathon – 3:01:26


“I was training inconsistently and every run ended up being at marathon pace or faster before training with LaRue’s Crew. I learned so much about the counterintuitive nature of so many aspects of marathon training and how important nutrition can be during long runs and races.  Being a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Southern California has made me incredibly busy with long days and late nights in the lab. Coach LaRue was able to work with my schedule to find time around my studies in order to get consistent training in. One trick was as simple as running to and from campus on easy days to add weekly mileage without adding time to my day.  These miles really add up! Being pretty quick at shorter distances led me to the goal of going Sub-3 in the marathon. All of my previous sub 3 attempts resulted in me hitting the wall HARD and being disappointed with my race result.  

My most recent marathon Sub-3 attempt fell short, but resulted in a HUGE PR. Despite pushing through incredible pain from a Calf Cramp that came on at the halfway mark, I narrowly missed sub 3, and ran 35 minutes faster than my last marathon! I know that my fitness and abilities as a runner are moving in the right direction with Coach LaRue.  Being so fast in college has made it very hard for me to slow down on easy days, so Coach LaRue specially crafted workouts so that I could release my inner speedster from time to time and continue to enjoy the grueling volume unique to marathon training. This guy will make you faster!!”

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