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Testimonial – Paul Porter


Recent races Pre LaRue’s Crew:

2016 LA Marathon – 3:42:47

2017 LA Marathon – Injured

2018 LA Marathon – 3:48:30

2018 Long Beach Marathon – 3:54:58

Post LaRue’s Crew – Injury Free!!

2019 Pasadena Half Marathon – 1:37:06

2019 LA Marathon – 3:23:37

2019 California International Marathon – 3:14:49 – BQ!

2020 Pasadena Half Marathon – 1:31:27


“Before joining LaRue’s Crew, I felt like I was hitting a plateau. Being in my late 40s, I thought that my age may have been the limiting factor and a contributor to my seemingly perpetual state of injury. Coach LaRue focused on changing my mindset on everyday runs and shifted my focus to running MUCH easier on easy days so that I could work MUCH harder on hard days. His emphasis was staying injury free through his adaptive training plan. I was always out to impress myself on speed days only to let myself down on race day. Coach LaRue completely changed my mindset.  Now my training has shifted to really surprising and impressing myself on race day as opposed to being a speed day hero. Thanks to his coaching, I was able to really push the limits on how much progress I could make in a single training cycle while knowing that he was doing everything in his power to keep me from getting injured or overtrained. The result was not only me running over 30 minutes faster in the marathon than 5 months prior, but me feeling faster and stronger as a runner and enjoying the process more than ever!!”

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